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Private Energy Market Fund L.P. (PEMF)

Private Energy Market Fund L.P. (PEMF)

private energy market fund

Mr. Lehdonvirta managed the initial strategy development, fund raising and establishment of Private Energy Market Fund L.P. (PEMF), a EUR 26 million private equity fund. He acted as the Managing Director of the Fund Management Company Emerging Power Partners Ltd (EPP) until 2006 when PEMF became fully invested, and again since Nov. 2012 for the final exit phase. PEMF’s equity and quasi-equity investments included biomass, biogas, wind power, ESCO companies (energy efficiency) and combined heat and power, in Asia and in Europe. Responsibilities included:

  • Management and business administration of the Fund Management Company EPP and the Fund Company PEMF
  • Development, structuring, due diligence and closing of PEMF’s investments
  • Hands-on establishment of management and corporate governance practices in portfolio companies
  • Strategic development, supervision and board level management of portfolio companies
  • Negotiating and implementing the exits

Mekong Brahmaputra Clean Development Fund L.P.

Mekong Brahmaputra Clean Development Fund L.P.

The fund invests in the clean energy and environment sectors in selected developing countries in the Greater Mekong Subregion and South Asia. It invests mainly in companies or entities engaged in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and water conservation and waste recycling projects. The fund is managed by Dragon Capital Clean Development Investments Ltd., Vietnam.

Mr. Lehdonvirta is an Investment Committee (IC) member of the fund since its inception in 2010. The tasks of the IC include:

    (i) to provide technical support to invest in companies and projects which use or promote Clean Technology,

    (ii) to ensure that “Triple Bottom Line” principles are applied; to require a positive impact on the environment and contribution to sustainable development, in addition to financial viability, and

    (iii) to carry out investment assessments. Review the investment term sheet presented by the Investment Manager (IM) of the Fund, propose modifications and complementary actions and decide either to continue or discontinue the investment process. Review and approve or disapprove the investment proposals and divestment proposals composed by the IM.

A Feasibility Study on “Renewable Energy for Rural Africa, Phase 1″

A Feasibility Study on “Renewable Energy for Rural Africa, Phase 1″

Greenfield carried out a review and analysis of the operational environment and financing options in Ethiopia, Kenya, Zambia and Mozambique, including the salient features of energy production and use, infrastructure, regulatory framework and main stakeholders. The objective of the work was to define and establish the basis for subsequent formulation of the investment strategy and possible operational set-up for an investment fund or a development company.

Advisory service on Carbon Fund Development

Advisory service on Carbon Fund Development


Advisory Service on Establishing a JVC for Renewable Energy Investments in Ukraine

Advisory Service on Establishing a JVC for Renewable Energy Investments in Ukraine


Advisory Service on Energy Fund Strategy

Advisory Service on Energy Fund Strategy