Slough Heat Network Expansion Masterplanning and Feasibility

Slough Heat Network Expansion Masterplanning and Feasibility


Greenfield worked closely with Slough Council and SSE to answer a number key technical / commercial feasibility questions for the expansion of the existing Slough power station heat network. The work has been used to inform both the decisions of the council to connect in its existing buildings and those proposed to be developed including a new leisure centre, and, decisions on future design and investment into a (sub-50 MW) biomass power station proposed by SSE, which is proposed to be designed to enable greater expansion of the heat network.
The work has involved both heat network masterplanning to consider how the network could expand within Slough trading estate (the largest in Europe), to the town centre and to the north of the town to connect to the town’s main hospital.

The work has considered:

  • Design options for a proposed 50 MWe power station to facilitate greater heat offtake for an expanded heat network
  • Options for upgrade/renewal of the existing steam/hot water network which does not meet modern operating standards
  • Detailed feasibility and comparative benefits of a heat network connection of a new leisure centre, which would otherwise install an independent gas CHP unit
  • Masterplanning and viability of expansion of a heat network across Europe’s largest trading estate
  • Masterplanning and viability of expansion of a heat network into Slough town centre
  • Consideration of the role of Wexham hospital in a future heat network expansion

This has been a complex study considering heat network opportunities from a number of development contexts (increasing revenues for the proposed power station), low carbon/low cost heat supply to the new developments and economic benefits to the town for a significantly expanded heat network.

Network routes have been developed including proposals to cross the London–Bristol rail line.

Options for energy supply have considered the existing power station (c. 20 MW heat capacity), its proposed replacement (with up to 100 MW heat supply capacity) as well intermediary energy centre solutions including export from the town’s crematorium facility and an independent gas CHP energy centre.

A detailed options appraisal and reporting back to stakeholders was completed in July 2016.

Greenfield was also commissioned to conduct follow-on work to support the council in commercial negotiations for a heat connection to the new leisure centre and new connection to an adjacent academy school.