Rural Off Gas Grid Heat Network Study in Cheshire Green and Audlem

Rural Off Gas Grid Heat Network Study in Cheshire Green and Audlem


Greenfield worked in cooperation with Gyron and Brilliant Bioenergy to conduct a review of the potential for heat networks within rural areas of Cheshire East. Mapping of energy loads, fuel poverty and gas network coverage was conducted and the outputs were used to identify priority locations for investigation of the heat network viability. The areas selected where the village of Audlem and the Cheshire Green business park). The investigation involved collation of primary demand information and gap-filling with benchmark consumption analysis for other existing properties and analysis of future demand for new builds. Heat network options in each location where developed and included appraisal of biomass, water-sourced heat pumps, CHP and heat storage. The options were costed and lifetime discounted cash-flow and carbon analysis were conducted. Results were reported back to the council project team, the council’s energy board and the other stakeholders through project meetings and 1-2-1 meetings.