Oxford Outline Heat Master Plan & Feasibility appraisal

Oxford Outline Heat Master Plan & Feasibility appraisal

2014 – 2016

Project description (Phase 1 Outline Masterplan): Greenfield, in partnership with BRE conduct an Outline Heat Master Planning study for Oxford City Council. The Master Plan and appraisal work focused on overall heat mapping and outline masterplanning in several parts of the city. The city comprises quite distinct areas and it emerged that potential exists in a number of prominent areas.

An outline master plan has been delivered for Oxford. The idea for this was to obtain an overview for a city that hitherto did not have any district heating networks. For this purpose the National Heat Map was initially used to assess areas with significant heat demand density, and this was augmented by means of a series of interviews with potentially interested stakeholders. The work involved an investigation of existing energy centres and local sources of surplus and renewable energy. By developing this strategic view, likely opportunities for future expansion were examined, including the possibility of developing a wider (city wide) scheme in future.

The major heat loads and current and likely future areas of high heat demand density were identified and included in an outline masterplan, which together with existing energy centres could form the core for heat network development. An indication was provided of the possible sequence and phasing for their development and potential future linkage. Preliminary heat network layouts were configured, together with the indicative heat demand, possible energy supply and network length.

Gas fired CHP is envisaged as the principal heat source, but a range of other sources including biomass, industrial waste heat, and waste heat from sewage via heat pumps, are also under scrutiny.

Project description (Phase 2 Feasibility): Following from the masterplanning full feasibility work has been commissioned to consider three key network opportunities in the city centre, a hospital zone to the east and an area within the vicinity of the BMW Mini plant in Cowley. The study will deliver full feasibility for city centre scheme with adapted studies in the other areas, to account for particular constraints.