Feasibility for District Heating in Swansea

Feasibility for District Heating in Swansea

2015 – ongoing

Working with Swansea council has involved various study elements:

  • Feasibility / master-planning for Maritime quarter
  • detailed connection assessment of connection of the two council properties
  • Feasibility / masterplanning for District Heating in Swansea

Greenfield Consulting was tasked to consider the viability of establishing an energy network (primarily heating and power) in Swansea city centre. This first stage considered connecting a number of existing buildings in the city centre with new developments proposed in the in the area, including a university campus.

The project included the following tasks:

  • Review of existing and future heating, cooling and electricity demands in the Swansea area
  • Technology screening for heating plant
  • Heating production capacity optimization
  • Preliminary design and dimensioning for energy centre
  • Heating and cooling network scenarios and preliminary designs, optimization of net-work routes to take advantage of “soft-dig” opportunities
  • Assessment of physical barriers for heat network installation
  • Investment and O&M cost estimates for plant life-cycle
  • Cash flow and financial analysis for several system alternatives

Future stages of work, including a contract extension, commenced in Q2 2016 to support review expansion of the proposed network to connected to major regeneration sites, to advice on governance options and support key procurement activities and to conducted a detailed review of connecting the town leisure centre with the National Waterfront Museum.