Leighton West Deep Geothermal Heat Network

Leighton West Deep Geothermal Heat Network


Greenfield Consulting worked in cooperation with BRE to conduct a masterplanning / feasibil-ity study on a heat network proposed for the Leighton West area of Crewe with a key focus on the use Geothermal energy.

This study examined the potential for harnessing the potential geothermal resource in Crewe to serve customers who would connect to a new heat network serving parts of the town. The analysis was built on earlier work that has provided estimates in broad terms of the extent of the available geothermal resource.

Specifically, a technical analysis was carried out for the development and phasing of a heat network that would be developed in three distinct phases over the period 2015 to 2030, con-necting up to 17 heat nodes, and requiring up to three deep geothermal wells. The heat net-work approach goes hand in hand with large heat supply sources because the network pre-sents a large and growing aggregate heat demand to match the supply.

Since completion Greenfield has been commissioned by the council to conduct a further study into the opportunity for developing heat networks in rural areas within the borough, which was completed in December 2015.