Yangon Urban Renewal and District Cooling Project

Yangon Urban Renewal and District Cooling Project

yangon2013 – 2014

The project will revitalize approximately 10 acres of Yangon’s central business district aimed at alleviating the severe shortage of tourism and business infrastructure. The project consists of nearly 2 million square feet of hotel, retail, office and residential space, the preservation and adaptive reuse of an 1877 Victorian heritage building, and the first district cooling plant (DC Plant) in Myanmar. The DC Plant will have a capacity of 9,200 ton refrigeration (TR) to provide sustainable, efficient, reliable, and essential cooling to the project. The DC Plant will generate cooling water and distribute it through a network of piping systems to individual buildings of the project.

Greenfield Consulting contribution to the project

Greenfield was assigned to carry out the technical due diligence for the district cooling project. The work involves checking the conceptual design of the district cooling system and the appropriateness of selected technologies, including the following:

  • The technical design of the district cooling system including capacities, sizing, specification and selection of major equipment, pipes and fittings, electrical components, instrumentation and controls
  • The anticipated performance characteristics of the entire system and their relative fit with the current and projected cooling demand and other cooling requirements of the customers
  • The expandability of the district cooling system to meet future demand
  • CO2 emission, BOE, and MWh reduction estimates for the project
  • Performance guarantees provided by the selected equipment manufacturers/suppliers
  • The selected site for the central plant and routes of the major piping network. Inspect the site and see if (i) the area is adequate and available, (ii) relocation/resettlement will be needed; (iii) there will be problems such as securing right of way, disruption of traffic flow during construction, lack of access road for equipment delivery, etc.
  • Performance testing and acceptance criteria for each major component and for the entire district cooling system
  • Construction schedule including construction and payment milestones and contractors’/subcontractors execution plans. Provide an independent estimation of project completion date.
  • Safety assurance program during construction and operations
  • Reasonableness of project cost estimates including cost of spare parts inventory (include potential scenario of cost overruns)
  • Reasonableness of O&M cost to include cost of routine and unscheduled maintenance
  • Level of spare parts inventory and the availability/risk of shortage
  • Contractors support and post completion technical risks
  • Expected maintenance requirements of the whole system.
  • Permitting requirements (construction permit, building permit, environmental permit, etc.)
  • Staffing, start up, training program and labor management
  • Key staff qualifications, capability and experience including international exposure/capabilities and track records

Client: Asian Development Bank (ADB)

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is a regional development bank established on 22 August 1966 to facilitate economic development of countries in Asia. The bank admits the members of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific and non-regional developed countries. From 31 members at its establishment, ADB now has 67 members – of which 48 are from within Asia and the Pacific and 19 outside.