Pori Area Wide District Cooling System

Pori Area Wide District Cooling System

Feasibility Review and Pre-engineering of District Cooling System in Pori, Finland; 2012Pori District Cooling

  • District Cooling Network (6 km)
  • Consumer-end Metering Solutions
  • Concept and Capacity Optimization (9 MW)
  • Energy Optimization
  • Investment and O&M Cost Estimates
  • Financial Analysis

Feasibility of District Cooling in Pori for a Large Public Building Complex Area and a Preliminary Business Plan for the Pori Area Wide DC Network; 2011

  • Cooling Demand Assessment
  • Cooling Production Technique Review
  • Concept Design
  • Cost Estimates
  • Preliminary Financial Analysis

Client: Pori Energy Ltd

Pori Energy Ltd is a municipal energy company providing high-quality energy services having more than 100-year history in the energy sector. Pori Energy’s main products are electricity, district heating, industry energy services and contracting and maintenance services.