District Cooling Stations in Helsinki – Pre-feasibility studies

District Cooling Stations in Helsinki – Pre-feasibility studies

2013 – 2014

CHC-station (Combined Heating and Cooling Station) alternatives

The considered alternatives included the CHC-station, which is planned to serve both the district cooling and the district heating networks of Helsingin Energia, and the separate peak load station.

The key elements considered in the pre-feasibility studies were the following:

  • Heat pump concept and configuration including connections to district cooling and heating networks
  • Maximum capacity and optimum unit size taking into account the space available at the plant
  • Preliminary layout for heat pump units
  • Budgetary offers for heat pump units
  • Investment and O&M costs estimations for plant life cycle
  • Least cost analysis

The project design and calculations were carried out by Greenfield Consulting in close cooperation with Helsingin Energia.

Client: Helen Ltd

Helen Ltd is one of the largest energy companies in Finland supplying electric energy to about 400,000 customers and covering more than 90 percent of the heat demand of the capital city with district heat. Helsinki Smart City combines both district heating and cooling networks in a way that enables utilization of waste energies in an innovative and effective way, while reducing environmental load.