Heat Recovery from Sewage (Finland)

Heat Recovery from Sewage (Finland)

Heat Recovery from Sewage


The study was a part of the overall RESCA-project (Renewable Energy Solutions in City Areas) in which HSY and several Finnish cities cooperate aiming to increase the utilization of renewable energy by creating common operating models and disseminating best practices.

Sewage water has high heat energy potential which can be harnessed by using the heat pump technology. The project included reviewing waste water heat recovery technologies (large-scale heat pump units, sewage heat exchangers etc.), outlining the business model for utilizing sewage waste heat, as well as the financial analysis for different heat recovery system alternatives.

The project was related to the “light district heating” project (reduced supply temperature) analyzed for the connection of the Marja-Vantaa area. Lower DH temperature levels would improve the aptitude of sewage heat pumps for heat production.

The project results were used in the decision making regarding the sewage heat recovery pilot project considered at Marja-Vantaa area.

Client: Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY)

Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY) is a regional authority providing environmental services for residents and companies in the Helsinki area. Their principal duties comprise water and waste management as well as regional information services.