Technical and Financial Structuring of Wind Power Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa

Technical and Financial Structuring of Wind Power Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa

Wind Power in Nairobi

May 2013, Nairobi

Client: Nodalis Conceil (Africa-EU Energy Partnership)

Wind Farm Operation and Maintenance

The training session discussed the operation arrangements – both technical and organisational – required when operating a wind farm as part of the overall power system. The intermittent nature of wind energy has an effect on grid balancing and capacity dispatching. The challenges will increase progressively when the share of wind (and solar) production is growing. The session  presented practical examples on challenges faced and solutions applied in Cape Verde where the wind power penetration rate has reached 25% of annual electricity generation; sometimes over 50% on daily level.

The participants gained a better understanding on prerequisites for successful operation on various levels; starting from overall power capacity structure, covering reflections to contractual arrangements (PPA, O&M), reviewing stakeholder roles and relationships (grid operator, technical contractors) and with the main focus on wind farm technical tools and organizational aspects.

(Full presentation available on request)