Sheffield Heat and Power Ltd (UK)

Sheffield Heat and Power Ltd (UK)

1993 – 1994

Client: Sheffield Heat and Power Ltd

Sheffield Heat and Power Ltd (SHP) was established in 1988 and it is one of the largest and most successful in the UK. The CHP DH system was initiated and developed based on the heat off-take from the existing municipal waste-to-energy plant. The heat network has been extended in several phases along the years.

The (original) Energy Recovery Facility in the city utilized 225,000 tons of waste to produce up to 60MW of thermal energy and up to 19MW electrical energy. After construction Phase III, around 120,000 MWh/a of heat was delivered to buildings in Sheffield City Centre and the surrounding areas, including 2,800 dwellings.

Mr. Lehdonvirta acted as the Technical Manager of Sheffield Heat and Power Ltd during extension of the system (Phase III), finalizing the expansion plans, coordinating the technical design, specifications and procurement, assessing new business opportunities, advising in tariff development, and optimizing the operation of the CHP DH system.