CHP DH Investments in the UK

CHP DH Investments in the UK

CHP district heating investments in the UKCHP DH Project Development (South East London CHP)

The development work was commissioned by SELCHP (1996) to identify heat loads, carry out the network and DH system design and to provide a feasibility assessment on commencing heat supply from the SELCHP plant. The work also included performance measurements at the plant to verify the CHP operational parameters and capacities.

CHP DH System Evaluation and Further Development (EnviroEnergy (Nottingham) Ltd)

The work included analyzing the existing system and making recommendations on system improvements. The system was based on direct connection from the waste incinerator through the London Road energy transfer station down to customers.

CHP DH Scheme Development in North London (Waltham Forest)

The work included technical design and economical analysis of several options and phases to establish a Waste-to-Energy CHP based heat distribution business. Mr. Lehdonvirta’s responsibilities were economic evaluations, technical design and project management.

Mr. Lehdonvirta carried out a feasibility study on converting the steam based heating system and installing gas fired CHP-engines to replace gas boilers for the energy needs of the hospital. The scope of work included technical design, economic evaluation and project management.