CHP DH Investments in China

CHP DH Investments in China

Turn-key delivery of Donshan District Heating system

(1991-1993, Ekono Energy Ltd)

The project included the design and turn-key delivery of a 20 MW District Heating system for Donshan area in Taiyuan, Shaanxhi. The client was Taiyuan District Heating Utility. Mr.  Lehdonvirta as the Project Manager during the development phase was responsible for concept development, cost estimates, contracting and co-ordination of suppliers.

The delivery comprised of steam transmission line, steam/water heatexchanger station, hot water DH network and substations. It was completed with electrification, control and automation, installation and training of staff.

Assessment of a Concessional Credit Application for a CHP DH Modernization Project in Pucheng, Shanxhi (sub-consultant to Ramboll Ltd, 2007)

The proposed project consisted of construction and installation of a heat exchanger station, pipeline network with a total length of 10.7km (double pipe) and installation of 28 consumer substations.

The assignment carried out a feasibility assessment for the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland of the proposed CHP DH investment. Simultaneously it was to be assessed if the project was eligible for the use of the Premixed Concessional Credit Scheme.

The Finnish Concessional Credit Scheme for developing countries was established by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland (MFA) in 1987. The objectives of the Scheme were both development related and commercial. Competitors were increasingly using ODA funds to promote exports to developing countries and Finland wanted to match this competition. The funding agency and sole operator of the concessional credit system was Finnish Export Credit Ltd (FEC) under the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The overall objective of the projects to be supported was, according to the Act, to promote economic development in developing countries.

Greenfield’s responsibility was the technical assessment of the project set-up including heat demand, production, distribution, technical functionality and operation and maintenance.

Appraisal of CHP DH projects proposed for the World Bank financing in Shandong province

(1996, Electrowatt-Ekono Ltd)

The proposed projects were located in the cities of Yantai, Jinan and Weihai in Shandong Province. Mr. Lehdonvirta was the Project Manager and carried out technical evaluations and further developments of the project proposals, based on feasibility studies prepared by local design institutes.

Project proposals included CHP heat generation, heat transmission and distribution systems as well as district cooling.